At this point I mix IDL and python about equally for my astronomy coding.

In 2011 I presented some basic python tutorials as part of a “crash course” for the NRAO Charlottesville scientists. Informal scripts are here. Jonathon Keohane and I worked some of these into the introduction to python that can be found buried over at the CASAguides web site.

My IDL code comes in three main flavors. First, there’s my grab bag of routines to deal with multiwavelength analysis of galaxies, molecular clouds, and other astronomy stuff. Second, I wrote an IDL pipeline to reduce and image data from the HERA focal plane array on the IRAM 30-m data. This includes routines to build and subtract OFF spectra, fit baselines, grid on the fly maps into cubes, mask data, and carry out fourier-plane suppression of striping. Finally, Erik Rosolowsky and I wrote a package called CPROPS to analyze molecular clouds in spectral line data cubes. Erik maintains the official version of the package at his website but I’ve been working on a revision to ALMA-ify the code that should be available soon.

If you would like any of these routines, please just shoot me an email. I continue to entertain visions of writing them up and posting them in an organized format, but this remains low priority. I am always happy to share them.