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Science With A Large Millimeter Telescope Array

October 6-8, 1999
Carnegie Institution of Washington
16th and P Streets, NW
Washington, D. C.

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Science With A Large Millimeter Array (Tentative) will be a conference which will bring together scientists working on the development of a Large Millimeter Array to review the scientific program planned for the array and how that program interacts with the science goals of other astronomical facilities expected to be operational at the time when the LMA becomes operational, toward the last half of the next decade. Topics include:
Investigation of galaxies near the time of their formation at very high redshift;

Detection and study of planets around nearby stars;

Study of star formation by, for example, high-resolution submillimeter observations of protostars, protoplanetary disks, and outflows; and

Study of the origin, distribution and evolution of the elements and their isotopes;

The conference will be organized and hosted by Associated Universities, Incorporated and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Science With A Large Millimeter Telescope Array will be limited to 200 participants. The proceedings from this conference will be published in the ASP Conference Series.

The complete conference program and abstracts of all contributions are available from the online abstract book.

Prospective conference participants who have not provided their mailing address should add the data in the registration data base to be added to the mailing list.

We will print posters which will be sent to many different institutes to announce the conference. If you would like to get an additional poster copy, please do not hesitate to send a request to

In case of further questions, please, contact the Organizing Committee.

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