ALMA Science IPT Telecon

Phone Meeting 2003-April-15

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Old Business

The enhanced Agenda from last month's meeting is available.


- Project news/updates (Stephane)

- ASAC face-to-face meeting (Christine)
      Presentations are being collected at ALMAEDM.

- Action items from previous meeting:

    - SSR fast data rate (John, Ewine)
    - Operations/Design Reference Mission working group (someone from WG)

    To be covered in normal agenda:

    - Site:          Memo No. 451 'Some Error Sources for the PWV and Path Delay Estimated from 183 GHz Radiometric Measurements at Chajnantor", by Delgado et al. to be circulated
    - Calibration:    comments on new calibration plan
                      comments on "science examples" document
    - Configuration:    
    - SSR:            summary of AIPS++ review + response circulated ***DONE***
                      AIPS++ testing Phase II + II circulated ***DONE***

    - Imaging:  Mel to look at distribution of time spent on mosaicking/single pointing for BIMA
                         Mel reports:  "  There is a draft memo available.
                           In this memo, we characterize BIMA proposals for the period 2000--2003
                            into 8 categories: Science, Antenna Configuration, Help Requested,
                            Special Needs, Observation Type, Polarization, Receiver Band, and
                           Mosaicing. We present the data as tables and pie charts for each
                           category.  Most, ~90 %, of the proposals requested (and
                           observed) spectral line data.  Most of the proposals requested antenna
                           configurations, receiver bands, and observing modes in the regime where
                           the BIMA telescope works best without any special requirements for
                           instrument or weather."
- Calibration (Bryan, Stephane)

    - MILESTONES: all leaders of level 3 milestones with March deadlines to report on status.  The Milestones, with project number, are:
                  Pardo:         Science 98121 9.380.98121 ATM software library available 2003-Mar-20 3 Done? 
                  Guilloteau: Science 98201 9.380.98201 Draft of bandpass calibration plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late  See draft  Memo 452.
                  Wootten:    Science 98202 9.380.98202 Draft of phase calibration plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Done
                  Guilloteau: Science 98203 9.380.98203 Draft of amplitude calibration plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Myers:        Science 98204 9.380.98204 Review of SSR plan for phase calibration techniques 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Guilloteau, Bacmann:                        Science 98205 9.380.98205 Draft of delay calibration plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Conway:     Science 98206 9.380.98206 Draft of antenna location determination plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o  See  Memo 427.
                  Mangum:    Science 98207 9.380.98207 Draft of antenna global pointing model determination plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Mangum:    Science 98208 9.380.98208 Draft of reference pointing and focus calibration plans 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Myers, Holdaway:                             Science 98209 9.380.98209 Draft of polarization calibration plan 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Guilloteau, Wootten, van Dishoeck: Science 98210 9.380.98210 Draft of operation model for calibration 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Hills, Richer: Science 98351 9.380.98351 Draft of WVR technical aspects document 2003-Mar-30 3 Late o
                  Holdaway, Conway, Otarola:            Science 98151 9.380.98151 Investigation of Logic of Antenna Motion 2003-Mar-31 3 Late o
                  Conway:     Science 98152 9.380.98152 First revised configuration (pad position) plan submitted 2003-Mar-31 3 Late o

    - new calibration plan
    - Science Examples for calibration: any comments?

New Business -- Agenda

Reports from Subgroups

    - Others (outreach, ...)
    - Calibration
             'Other Devices' 
                   John Richer and Richard Hills write:  "Apart from a some introductory material to set
                   the scene, therefore, this note deals just with the ancillary devices
                   which will be used aid the primary calibration and, perhaps, the

                  We have based this on a note put together by Al Wootten which was in
                  turn taken largely from discussions at the meeting in Cambridge in June

                  Clearly there is a good deal more to be done here to determine both the
                  priority list and the detailed specifications. Please comment along the
                  lines of:
                  1) what important items are missing
                  2) what are the priorities
                  3) more quantitative specs
                  4) implementation - i.e. what can we buy and what should we make.

                 Unfortunately, both of us are unavailable for (the) telecon."

    - Configurations (Y+: Holdaway; antenna moves: Conway)
    - SSR (Lucas)
    - Site (Nyman)
    - Imaging (Gueth)

Matters Arising