Joe's Notes

NRAO project notes and related thoughts.


VEGAS Data Display

Web application to display VEGAS spectra during an observation.

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Mapping Pipeline

Calibration and imaging pipeline for GBT spectral line mapping observations.

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GBT pointing

See where the GBT is pointing using Google Earth.

Spectral Pipeline

Quick-look data reduction pipeline for single pointing GBT spectroscopy observations.

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Spectra Query Tool

Web application to query GBT spectra.

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VO GBT Spectra

Exposing GBT spectra to Virtual Observatory services.

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Pulsar App

Mobile application for learning about pulsars.

Papers and proposals


In 2011 I led a proposal to request funding from the NSF to develop a HDF5-based astronomical imaging data format. It wasn't funded, but I learned a lot in the process.

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