I believe that no other single factor influences the success or failure of a scientist than mentoring.  I have been very fortunate to have run across some amazing mentors in my life -- Stuart Vogel (my Ph.D. advisor), Nick Scoville & Anneila Sargent (Postdoc advisors) and Mike Regan & Michele Thornley (senior graduate students at UM) and many others who took the time to advise, encourage, criticize and applaud my work.  My philosophy towards mentoring therefore is to pay it forwards and return the favors I have been lucky enough to have to my students, postdocs and mentees.




Tae Hyun Kim is in her final year as a graduate student working on a thesis on the formation and evolution of bars.  Her main goals are to address what keeps some local massive galaxies from forming bars and investigating the structural differences between late and early type bars.


Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos got his Ph.D. from Universidad de Complutense in Madrid working with Armando Gil de Paz on the star formation history and assembly of disks.  He is a S4G postdoctoral fellow and we are now working on the growth and change in disks over time due to stellar structures such as bars.  He has also begun to explore the molecular gas properties across disk breaks in nearby systems. 

Kimberly Scott got her Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts working on the AzTEC bolometer camera with Grant Wilson.  Her paper on millimeter number counts is the state of the art work on the population of SMGs.  She is currently a NAASC postdoctoral fellow and we are working on a number of millimeter and centimeter follow-up of galaxies at intermediate and high redshift with GBT, ALMA and JVLA.

Arielle Moullet got her Ph.D. in Planetary Science from Universite Paris 7 and was postdoctoral fellow at the SMA.  She is using submillimeter observations to study planetary objects such as moons of Jovian planets, asteroids, and KBOs.  We are now working with several people in the planetary science division on investigating near Earth asteroids (NEAs).  


From left to right:

  1. Bullet Naftali Kimani - NGC 1097 Spitzer / ALMA data - from U. Kenya  - now grad student at Bonn w/ Menten.

  2. Bullet Scott Suriano - short term project on gas / dust in ellipticals - now graduate student at UVA.

  3. Bullet Aaron Kingery - Rings and bars in S4G for 2 summers and a semester - now working at NASA - Huntsville

  4. Bullet Alexa Ross -  Offset bars S4G research / REU student from Reed College, Oregon  - now applying for grad schools.

  5. Bullet Trisha Mizusawa - S4G classifications - IPAC & NRAO and is now a grad student at Florida.

  6. Bullet Brittany Kamai is an advisee from Vandebilt University - was a summer student at Caltech.

  7. Bullet Karin Menendez-Delmestre - Highly cited work on 2MASS bars at Caltech - Professor at U. Valongo in Brazil.

  8. Bullet Stuartt Corder - Molecular gas in spurs of M51 at Caltech - now Project Scientist at ALMA

  9. Bullet Greg Brunner - Warm molecular gas traced with Spitzer in M51 at SSC from Rice Univ. - now in private sector.

  10. Bullet Harriet Cullen - molecular gas in elliptical / spiral pairs co-advised at Cambridge (w/ D. Green) / now a M.D.

  11. Bullet Lori Spalsbury - GALFIT on COSMOS disks / summer SURF student at Caltech

  12. Bullet Linda Strubbe - NICMOS HDF work on bars / summer SURF student at Caltech - now postdoc at CITA.

  13. Bullet Kevin Noertker - summer SURF student at Caltech

  14. Bullet David Kraatz - summer SURF student at Caltech

  15. Bullet Ferah Munshi - GALFIT analysis of disks / short term student at IPAC - now a graduate student at U. Washington.