Public service and Social Justice have been corner stones of my education starting with my primary and secondary school in India through my incredible undergraduate ALMA matter, Grinnell College.   I keep a list of inspiring articles, books, movies, podcasts here.

We are also working on starting a social justice film series in Charlottesville with my fellow OfA Team Leaders in 2013.  Email me if you want to join us. 

Volunteer Activities:

  1. BulletOrganizing for America - Neighborhood Team Lead, 2012

  2. BulletViolence Prevention Specialist, Peace Over Violence / L.A. Commission on Assualts Against Women (LACAAW), 2003-2009

  3. BulletSexual Harassment Prevention Trainer (U. Maryland), 1995-2001

  4. BulletAlumni Association Council, Board member, Grinnell College, 2002-2007

PHOTOGRAPHY (will add more over time..)

  1. BulletALMA High SITE, 2012

  2. Bulletpenguins, chiloe, chile, 2012

  3. Bullettorres del paine, 2011

  4. BulletRIO De janeiro, 2009

  5. BulletVenice / ITALY 2006

  6. BulletGuerro NEGRO, LAS BALLENAS, 2006

  7. BulletJAPAN, 2005

  8. BulletSouth Africa, 2004

  9. BulletZION, 2004