Curriculum VITAE                  


Kartik Sheth

Associate AStronomer, NRAO

520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Email:  ksheth at nrao dot edu

PHONE: 1-434-296-0360

Professional Appointments

  1. Associate Astronomer National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 2011-Present

  2. ALMA Commissioning & Science Verification Liaison, ALMA/NRAO, 2009-2011

  3. Staff Scientist, Spitzer Science Center, Caltech, 2004 – 2009

  4. Postdoctoral Fellow, Millimeter-group, Caltech, 2001-2004

  5. Research/Teaching Assistant, Astronomy, University of Maryland, 1995-2001

  6. Teaching Assistant, Physics, University of Minnesota, 1993-1995

  7. Research Assistant (REU), Physics & Astronomy, Northern Arizona University, 1992


•Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Maryland, 2001

•M.S. Astronomy, University of Maryland, 1997

•M.S. Physics, University of Minnesota, 1995

•B.A. Physics, Grinnell College, 1993

Research Interests: Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

•Formation and Redshift Evolution of Galactic Structures

•Co-evolution of Bars, Bulges and Black Holes

•Molecular Gas & Dust in High Redshift Galaxies

•Assembly of Stellar, Gas, Dust & Dynamical Mass in Spiral Galaxies

•Bar-Induced Gas Inflow, Star formation & Secular Evolution

•Molecular Gas Distribution & Kinematics in Bars, Spurs, Spiral Arms, Rings

•Giant Molecular Clouds in Milky Way & Nearby Galaxies

Honors & Awards

•SKA Research Chair, University of Capetown, South Africa, Feb 2010 (declined)

•AAS Liaison to the National AIP Committee on Under-Represented Minorities, 2007-present

•AAAS HEHS Policy Fellow, 2009 (declined)

•AAAS Congressional Fellowship finalist, 2009

•Spitzer Fellowship Alternate, 2004

•Alumni Association Council, Board member, Grinnell College, 2002-2007

•Alumni Scholar, Grinnell College, 1999

•Diversity Initiative Award, Office of the President, Maryland, 1999

•Teaching Assistant of the Year, Astronomy Department, Maryland, 1997

•Distinguished Teaching Assistant, CMPS, Maryland, 1997

•Dean’s Council on Teaching TAs to teach, Maryland, 1996-97

Grants & Awards

PI: AUI grant, faculty bridge program w/ RSA, $12K + $12K from SKA-SA in matching funds.

Co-I: AUI grant for developing bridge program with MSIs and participation in SACNAS, NSBP meetings, $6K.

Co-I: CATNIC grant for LADUMA team meeting, NSF-OISE, $45K

•Wrote various sections and presented ALMA Operations Plan to NSF Review committee on behalf of AUI with other NAASC/NRAO colleagues, 2011-2015, ~$254M

PI: Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies, SPITZER, GO-60007, 637.2 hrs, $621K

•CoI: IRS spectroscopy of a complete, unbiased sample of submm galaxies, SPITZER, GO5-50126, 51.5 hrs, $254K, (PI: Carilli)

•CoI: IRS Legacy Survey of the Green Valley in COSMOS, SPITZER GO5-50286, 85.6 hrs, $590K, (PI: Scoville)

•CoI: Mapping Molecular Hydrogen Excitation and Mass in Nearby Galaxies from the SINGS, Archival research, SPITZER AR4-40773, $97K (PI: my grad student G. Brunner).

•CoI: S-COSMOS: The MIPS Deep Survey of the COSMOS 2-sqdeg Field, SPITZER GO2-30143, $1.1M (PI: Sanders)

PI: M51 MIR Spectral Cube: A "Rosetta Stone" for Galaxy Evolution, SPITZER GO2-20138, 15 hrs, $45K

•CoI: The Spitzer Deep Survey of the HST COSMOS 2−Degreee ACS Field, SPITZER GO2-20070, $600K (PI: Sanders)

•CoI: The COSMOS 2-Degree ACS Survey, (PI. N. Scoville) HST GO-9822, 640 orbits, $>1M

PI: Using Bars as Signposts for Galaxy Evolution, HST AR-09522, $55K

Professional Activities / Service

•Jansky Fellowship Committee, 2011-present

•Chair, AAS Committee for Sustainability, 2012-present (member since 2010)

•Co-Chair, ALMA Data Reduction Workshop, Dec 2011

•S4G PI / Science Advisory Committee, 2008-present

•NSF Review Panelist, 2010, 2011

•NAASC Postdoctoral Fellowship Selection Committee, 2009, 2010

•Spitzer Cycle 7 Panel Chair, 2010 

•ALMA Community Days Lead, 2010-2011

•COSMOS Science Steering Committee, 2007-present

•COSMOS Millimeter / sub-millimeter Working Group Lead, 2009-present

•COSMOS Galaxy Evolution . Galactic Structures Lead, 2005-2007

•Chair, SOC/LOC 4th Spitzer Conference: Evolving ISM in Milky Way & Nearby Galaxies, 2007

•AAS Committee for the Status of Minorities in Astronomy, 2007-2011

•Co-Editor, 2nd Spitzer Conference: IR Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution, 2006

•Spitzer Fellowship Committee, 2006

•Owens Valley Radio Observatory Time Allocation Committee (2001-2004)

•Invited Panelist, Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience, AAS Winter Meeting, 2002

•NASA (AIT) Review Panel, December 2001

•Referee for Nature, ApJ, A&A, PASJ, AJ, MNRAS, PASP

Students and Postdocs (chronological):

•Postdoc: Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos, NRAO 2010-Present, S4G Postdoctoral Fellow – working on assembly of disks in S4G and COSMOS.

•Postdoc: Kimberly Scott, NRAO, 2011-Present, ALMA postdoctoral fellow – working with me on molecular gas and star formation at high redshifts and SMGs in COSMOS.

•Graduate: Taehyun Kim (NRAO, 2009-Present, Bar formation and destruction (S4G); Ph.D candidate, currently on an ESO fellowship in Chile)

•Graduate: Aaron Kingery (UVa, 2009-Present, Rings in galaxies from S4G; Ph.D candidate)

•Graduate: Raquel Chicharro-Fuertes, Universidad de Complutense, Madrid, GALEX Bars and disks in S4G; MSc Candidate, applying for Ph.D. programs).

•Undergraduate: Alexa Ross (NRAO REU student, Reed College Senior thesis on Offset bars in S4G galaxies)

•Undergraduate: Trisha Mizusawa (Caltech  / IPAC Summer Student Program 2009, NRAO REU 2010) – S4G Bars, now graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology.

•Graduate / Postdoc: Karin Menendez-Delmestre (Caltech, 2004-2006, 2MASS Bars: Anchor for High Redshift Studies; NSF fellow at OCIW 2008-2011, now faculty member at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

•Graduate / Postdoc: Stuartt Corder (Caltech, 2005-2007, Molecular gas spurs in M51;  Jansky fellow at JAO/ALMA 2008-2011, scientist NRAO and currently commission lead ALMA/JAO)

•Graduate: Greg Brunner (Rice/Caltech 2006-2007, Warm H2 in M51, now working for Navy)

•Graduate: Harriett Cullen (Cambridge / MRAO, 2002-2004, co-advised with D. Green; ISM in Interacting Galaxies, Ph.D. 2006; now a medical doctor)

•Graduate/Undergraduate: Ferah Munshi (Caltech, Spring 2008; 2-dimensional disk decomposition of COSMOS and SINGS galaxies.  Munshi began as a graduate student at U. Washington in Fall, 2008)

•Undergraduate: David Kraatz(Caltech SURF Program 2007; IRS spectra of HII regions in M83; co-supervised with P. Ogle)

•Undergraduate: Kevin Noertker (Caltech SURF Program 2006; Estimating star formation rates using MIPS 24um and 70um data in COSMOS; supervised with N. Scoville)

•Undergraduate: Lori Spalsbury (Caltech SURF Program 2006; Time evolution of bulge to disk ratio in spirals; supervised with N. Scoville)

•Undergraduate: Linda Strubbe (Caltech SURF Program 2003; Simulating galaxies at high redshifts for NICMOS HDF study of bars; supervised with N. Scoville. Strubbe got her Ph.D.  from UC-Berkeley and is a CITA fellow in Toronto)

Teaching Highlights

•Invited lecturer (~4 week course), NASSP, Cape Town, South Africa, 2012

•Invited Lecturer, ISYA/IAU School, Capetown, SA, Feb 2012

•Created & taught, ASTR8500, “Professional Development & Ethics in Astronomy”, U. Virginia, Sep-Dec 2010

•Taught Professional Development mini-course, NASSP program, Feb 2011

•Regular Lecturer, Interferometry Discussion Group, NRAO-UVA, 2010-2011

•Created & Taught mini-class on Extrasolar Planets, U. San Francisco, Feb 2009

•Guest Lecturer, UCSB, A set of “Phases of the ISM” lectures, Graduate Physics (w/ Treu), 2006

•Guest Lecturer, Caltech, Graduate level ISM (Ay 126 for N. Scoville & A. Sargent), 2001-2003

•Initiated Career Mentoring Series for Graduate Students, Caltech, 2004; UM 1997-99

•Astronomy Department TA trainer and mentor, Maryland, 1996-1998

•Orientation & Instructional video for international TAs, U. Maryland English Institute, 1998

•Head teaching assistant, Physics Department, U. Minnesota, 1995

Institute / Departmental Service

•Diversity Advocate, AUI/NRAO, 2010-present

•Designed & Created NRAO-UVA Astro-Discussion / Astro-Coffee, 2009-present

•Chair, IPAC Colloquium Series, 2007-2009

•SSC Distinguished Visitor Program Committee, 2008-2009

•Warm Spitzer Working Group for Nearby Galaxies, 2007

•Founder - Greater IPAC Environment Committee (GIEC), 2005- Present (Chair: 2005–07)

•Designed SSC / IPAC Orientation & Welcome Package, 2004-present

•Co-Chair, Caltech Tea Talks, 2001-2003

•Organized and led Prospective Graduate Student Recruiting at UM, 1996-2001

Press Releases & Invited/ Feature Columns

ALMA Opens its Eyes, 5 minute video shown on large screens in NYC & Las Vegas + NSF Webcast - Sheth w/ Whitmore and Leroy (100s+ news articles), Sep 2011

At the NRAO,  Kartik Sheth studies galaxies and mentors students, feature column, Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Technology, Dec 2010

NASA’s Spitzer Images Out-of-this-World Galaxy, Spitzer Press Release, Jul 2009

The Vanishing Bar Scene at the Beginning of the Universe, HST/CIT Press Release (40+ news articles), Jul-Dec, 2008

Star walks into a bar, Nature Research Highlights, March 2008

NGC 4725, Spitzer Press Release, Aug 2005

A masked ball for Galaxies, MSNBC Cosmic Log (& over 20 other press reports), April 2006

Nearby Galaxies at High Redshifts, AAS Press Release, Jan 2003

Stress Drives Gas Into a Black Hole, Invited Column, News & Views, Nature, Jan 1999

Giant Molecular Clouds in Andromeda, AAS Press Release, San Diego, Jun 1998

Education & Public Outreach

•Created and organized: Careers in Science - interactive program aimed at families of under-represented minorities for NRAO Open House, Oct-Nov 2011

•Filmed variety of segments for PBS documentary on ALMA Construction, post-production, Mark Pingry productions, 2010-2011

•NSF Webcast on ALMA Early Science Operations, Sep 2011

•Invited Talk, Bars at the End of the Universe, Griffith Observatory, LAAS, Apr, 2008

Bars in the Universe, Public talk at Cerro-Coso ESCC, Bishop, CA, October, 2007

Astronomy is Cool, Hurfville elementary (3rd, 4th grades), Sewell, NJ, 2004-2005

Barred spiral galaxies, science column in the Inyo Register, 2002

•Temecula Valley Amateur Astronomers Lecture Series, 2001

•Owens Valley Open House Presentations, 2001-2003

Broadening Participation & Diversity

•Initiated Diversity Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series, NRAO, 2012-present

•Diversity workshops on variety of topics, NRAO 2011-present

•Recruiting and representing NRAO at NSBP, SACNAS meetings, 2010-present

•Developing bridge program with Howard University, Washington DC, 2010-present

•Developed NRAO STEM fellow with African American Teaching Foundation, Charlottesville, VA, 2010- present

•Undergraduate professional development seminars, 2010-present

•Created  faculty bridge program with Republic of South Africa, 2010-present

Volunteer Activities

•Neighborhood Team Lead – Tonsler & Johnson Precincts, Organizing for America, 2012

•Violence Prevention Specialist, Peace Over Violence / LACAAW, 2003-2009

•Regional Alumni Events & Admissions Volunteer, Grinnell College, 1995-present

•Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainer, Office of Human Relations, Maryland, 1996-2001

  1. Honor Board Juror, Office of Judicial Programs, Maryland, 1999