1. Introduction:
   A. What is Radio Astronomy
   B. Early Radio Astronomy
   C. The Radio Universe

2. Radiation Fundamentals:
   A. Brightness & Flux
   B. Radiative Transfer
   C. Blackbody Radiation
   D. Larmor's Formula
3. Antennas & Radiometers:
   A. Antenna Fundamentals
   B. Reflector Antennas
   C. Filled Apertures
   D. Interferometers
   E. Radio Telescopes
   F. Radiometers

4. Thermal Emission:
   A. HII Regions
   B. Free-Free Emission

5. Nonthermal Emission:
   A. Magnetobremsstrahlung
   B. Synchrotron Power
   C. Synchrotron Spectrum
   D. Synchrotron Sources
   E. Inverse Compton
   F. Extragalactic Sources

6. Pulsars:
   A. Pulsar Properties
   B. Pulsar Timing

7. Spectral Lines:
   A. Recombination Lines
   B. Line Radiative Transfer
   C. Recombination Sources
   D. Molecular Lines
   E. The HI Line

Supplementary Material:
   A. Index
   B. Essential Equations
   C. Constants & Units
   D. References & Links
   E. Problems & Solutions
   F. Fourier Transforms



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Essential Radio Astronomy (ERA) is a one-semester course intended for astronomy graduate students and advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in astronomy, physics, or engineering. The goal of ERA is fostering the community of researchers using radio astronomy by attracting and training the most talented university students. Therefore we are making ERA available via the world wide web at no cost.

You may download printable .pdf files of individual ERA lectures and supplementary materials by clicking on the links at the left.

Instructors or students interested in using ERA are welcome to contact us with questions, suggestions, corrections, etc. ERA currently includes only the most essential material that can be covered in one semester. We anticipate adding new material in the future and invite contributions from experts.

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