The IAU FITS WG Testfiles

This collection of test files has been produced by Preben Grosbøl (see announcement), the Chairman of the IAU FITS Working Group, to facilitate final interoperability testing for the proposed BINTABLE and IMAGE extensions to the FITS standard. The first 12 of these files were in an earlier testfile set which Grosbøl produced (see README-92) for tests of interoperability of IEEE floating point. Grosbøl's README-93 plus the 14 FITS test files were FTP-ed from the master copy at* on October 19, 1993 by Don Wells. The files test various features of the FITS data format, from the simplest cases to some of the most complex (IEEE infinities & NaNs, BINTABLE, IMAGE), separately and in combinations.

The *.list files in the list below are header listings produced by program listfits. The *.fits files are binary, not text! Select "bin" mode in FTP. When using X-Mosaic, select "Binary Transfer Mode" in the "Options" menu before selecting a "fits" item, then un-select binary after the file transfer.

Problems with these files should be reported to,, or to the sci.astro.fits newsgroup. Problems with this FITS archive should be reported to:
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