FITS-related WAIS Sources

The nrao-fits WAIS server supports searches of all of the text files in the entire FITS archive. "All" means everything -- READMEs, standards, drafts, overviews, and all of the news and Email messages in the traffic archive, even including the ASCII headers of the FITS sample and test data files. All of the Postscript documents are in the index too. The WAIS server enables users to search this huge mass of text for instances of any strings.

Sample searches of the archive

Obtaining the WAIS "source" file

If you wish to talk to the server with your own xwais client (perhaps in order to utilize relevance feedback), you can copy file nrao-fits.src to your own wais-sources directory. Directory wais-sources contains WAIS "source" files for other astronomy-related WAIS servers.

About WAIS

WAIS [Wide-Area Information Services] is the best developed and most widely implemented text searching mechanism on the Internet. The WAIS protocol is an adaptation of the ANSI Z39.50 standard protocol which was developed for library catalog systems. last changed this page