AstroWeb tools in AWK

The primary purpose of this program is to sort resource records. Sort options include 'topzone' (sort by fully-qualified-domain-name, with fields reversed into 'JANET' order), 'protoname'(sort key concatenates the protocol name with the resource namestring) and 'name' (sort on resource namestrings). dtsort.awk executes a series of string replacement rules which put the text into a canonical form (e.g., the HTML variable 'href' is changed to 'HREF'). In addition, dtsort.awk recognizes when successive records are identical, and deletes the redundant copies. It also recognizes when records have the same URL but different text; in this case, the program merges the two records and inserts a comment about the similarity.
This programs uses a set of complicated regular expressions to determine whether resource records conform to the interchange format .
This program uses configuration rules given in its BEGIN section to split a file of resource records into separate pages by using the CATEGORY codes.
This program strips the "DD" fields from resource records so that the record will be rendered as only one line (just the URL and the short name string). last changed this page