The AstroWeb Database

The AstroWeb database was designed to facilitate distributed maintenance; in particular, it is coded in an agreed interchange format . Concurrent maintenance work was done at both MSSSO and NRAO during March 1994; copies of the database were edited in parallel and the merging of concurrent changes was assisted by the AstroWeb toolset. From about 1994-07-01 until about 1999-05-15 the STScI version was the master database, but now the master is at the CDS. As of 1999-05-25 it is about a megabyte of text containing about 2850 resource records ( most recent statistics ). Members of the Consortium edit the master database with a set of tools coded in Tcl (Tool control language). The database can be sorted in a variety of ways:

Contributing Records to the Database

The Consortium welcomes contributions of resource records to the database:
  • Click here to submit an addition or change to the Astroweb database
  • Click here to review resource records which have been submitted but not yet processed.
  • Click here to review Astroweb records changed in the past month.
  • Click here to send EMail to the Consortium members.

    AstroWeb Software

    The Consortium has developed a variety of software to support database maintenance as well as the creation of various presentation formats from the master database: last changed this page 1999-05-25.