Recent Glish Announcements

17 November 1997, Glish 2.6 released

Glish is a language, interpreter, and class library for building loosely-coupled distributed systems. Glish implements a "software bus" to which processes are connected and controlled by the Glish scripting language. The Glish C++ library provides all of the tools necessary for processes to connect to the software bus and exchange structured binary data.

The Glish scripting language is a powerful vector oriented programming language which also has constructs for handling and directing all of the asynchronous events flowing on the software bus. In addition, the basic Tk widgets have been bound to Glish. This allows the event flow on the bus and the event flow from user interaction to all be handle and controlled by the same script.

Glish was originally developed by Vern Paxson and Chris Saltmarsh as part of the Superconducting Super Collider project. However since the release 2.5 at the end of 1994, Darrell Schiebel has continued Glish development at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. At the NRAO, Glish is a cornerstone of the AIPS++ project.

Glish can easily be built on most Unix machines. It requires a C++ compiler, sockets, an ANSI C compiler and flex 2.4.6 (or higher).

If you would like more information, please see the Glish home page.

You can also FTP Glish directly.

Darrell Schiebel
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