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    Glish scripts are made up of a series of statements, which are first compiled and then executed sequentially. Enclosing a series of       statements inside of braces (``{ tex2html_wrap_inline15512 }") groups them together into a block that is treated syntactically as a single statement. These statement blocks can be used to introduce local scope (see § 5.9, page gif), and as in many languages, groups of statements can be collected into functions to provide subroutines, as described in Chapter 6, page gif, and § 7.12, page gif. This section describes the various types of statements available in Glish.

    Strictly speaking, all Glish statements are terminated with semi-colons (``;"). For the most part, though, the ; needn't be explicitly present, since Glish can figure out when inserting a ; makes sense and does so automatically. See § 5.11, page gif. In the examples that follow, we omit the final ; from statements since in general they are not necessary.

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