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The Glish Client Library


  You make a program into a Glish client by using the Glish Client Library. This is a C++ class library that provides three basic classes, Value,       Client, and GlishEvent:

encapsulates the program's connection to the Glish world: it provides methods for sending and receiving events. It is defined in the       header Glish/Client.h, which is the standard header included by a Glish client.

encapsulates a Glish Value, giving access to values identical to Glish variables (dynamically-typed vectors and records). It is a rich, complex class.     It is defined in the header Glish/Value.h, which is automatically included by Glish/Client.h.

encapsulates a single Glish event; that is, a name and an associated value. It is also defined in Glish/Client.h.

We first discuss each of these classes briefly in turn, and then look at an example constructed using the classes. Following the example we present the full details of the Client and Value classes (GlishEvent is simple enough that we cover it entirely in our first look). We finish with an overview of the (unfortunately few) Glish clients that come with the Glish system.

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