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Molecular Spectroscopy Databases

The Splatalogue is an attempt to collate, rationalize and extend existing spectroscopic resources for use by the astronomical community. Currently, Splatalogue is a transition-resolved compilation of the JPL, CDMS and Lovas/NIST lists searching 3688088 lines in 656 chemical species. Open access starts, and documentation appears at www.splatalogue.net soon. For now, while we make the finishing touches to the SLAP server, which will be the main way this service is accessed, you can use our basic web page which we use to review and check the data content.

ALMA Working Group on Spectral Line Frequencies (AWGSLF)

"The ALMA Working Group on Spectral Line Frequencies is dedicated to generating a collated and rationalized database of spectral line frequencies, transitions and line strengths from radio to infrared wavelengths that can be freely accessed and used by the entire astronomical community interested in spectral line astrophysics."

In order to undertake such an effort and provide the astronomical community with the tools they need to conduct their research in spectral line astrophysics, the ALMA Working Group on Spectral Line Frequencies (AWGSLF) was convened on Thursday, July 27, 2006.

The chairs of the AWGSLF are Anthony J. Remijan representing North America and Andrew J. Markwick-Kemper representing Europe. The Japan representative has yet to be determined as of September 15, 2006.

The inaugural membership of the working group consists of:

  • Anthony J. Remijan (NRAO)
  • Andrew J. Markwick-Kemper (University of Manchester)
  • Crystal Brogan (NRAO)
  • Barry Turner (NRAO)
  • Stewart Williams (University of Manchester)
  • Al Wootten (NRAO)

It is anticipated that the membership will include integral representatives from the current main sources of spectral line data (Muller/CDMS; Lovas/NIST, Pearson/JPL) and the laboratory spectroscopy community at large (De Lucia). Furthermore, the ALMA Archive Group (Williams) is also represented. New members will be added as work in the AWGSLF progresses over the next several years.

Currently, monthly meetings between the chairs of the AWGSLF are taking place. The working group website and minutes of each meeting can be found at:


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