NAASC Science Presentation and Talks List

ALMA Brochures

Chris Carilli

Tucson, AZ, August 4, 2006
Future science priorities at cm/m wavelengths: distant galaxies and cosmology

Long Wavelength Astrophysics, IAU, Prague, August 2006
HI 21cm observations of cosmic reionization

GBT New Instrumentation Workshop, September 2006
A Radio Multiobject Spectrograph

Madrid ALMA Science Meeting, November 2006
Observing first light with ALMA

Astronomy from the Moon, November 2006
Low frequency astronomy from the moon: cosmic reionization

Crystal Brogan

University of Virginia Star Formation Journal Club, April 21, 2006
Talk entitled "High Resolution Observations of High Mass Star Formation in the Era of ALMA and EVLA"

CARMA Science Seminar, University of Maryland, May 2, 2006
Talk entitled "High Resolution Observations of CepheusA-East: Many Protostars, but No Disk"

Small Scale Ionized and Neutral Structures (SINS) in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium, Socorro, NM, USA, May 21-24, 2006
Talk entitled "Review of VLBA Observations of AU-Scale HI Structures"

208th American Astronomical Society Meeting, Calgary, Canada, June 4-8, 2006
Talk entitled "Radio Search for the "Missing" Supernova Remnants in the Inner Galaxy"

Tenth Synthesis Imaging Summer School, Albuquerque, NM, USA, June 13-20, 2006
Talk entitled "Millimeter Interferometry and ALMA"

Green Bank Summer Program for Governer's School Students in Math and Science, August, 9, 2006
Talk entitled "Fusion, Explosions, and the Search for Supernova Remnants"

Submillimetre Observing Techniques Summer School, Victoria, Canada, August 14-17, 2006
Talk entitled "ALMA and The North American ALMA Science Center"

NRAO Charlottesville 2006 Open House
Talk entitled "Fusion, Explosions, and the Search for Supernova Remnants"

Science with ALMA: A New Era for Astrophysics, Madrid, Spain, Nov. 13-17
Talk entitled "High Resolution Submm Observations of Massive Protostars"