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Chaitali Parashare is a second year graduate student in electrical engineering at the University of Virginia. She worked on the low frequency components of the GB/SRBS project as her Master's thesis in Fall 2003. She has been working on the instrument development for the PAPER project since Fall 2004. Her main focus is the measurement and evaluation of the system stability and the development of a network-based model of the mutual coupling between the antenna elements. She is also working on the antenna radiation pattern measurement through the use of signals obtained from LEO satellites. Chaitali Parashare
Rohit Gawande joined the DSL in Fall 2005 as a graduate student. His main focus is development of very wideband feeds using sinuous structure. He is also developing a wide band low noise amplifier for the system. His work is part of an R & D effort for the Frequency-Agile Solar Radio telescope (FASR). He is also working on the digital backend system for The Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer (GBSRBS). Rohit Gawande
Erin Mastrantonio is a first-year graduate student in electrical engineering at the University of Virgina. She joined the DSL in July of 2004. Her current research focus is the development of a high-speed data processing system to aid in the detection of high energy neutrinos for the LENS project (also to serve as her master's project under the direction of Dr. Richard Bradley). Erin Mastrantonio
Nicole Gugliucci is a first year graduate student in astronomy at the University of Virginia. She has been collaborating on the PAPER project since the fall of 2005 and is working on wide-field imaging with PAPER-16 at 150 MHz starting in May 2006. Her other research interests include extragalactic water masers and Compact Symmetric Objects. Nicole Gugliucci
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