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SIRTF FLS/VLA 20 cm Survey

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This form searches the source catalog produced from VLA observations of the SIRTF First Look Survey field. The SIRTF First Look Survey lies inside the SIRTF "constant viewing zone" near the north ecliptic pole. It covers about 5 square degrees in a region having a relatively faint cirrus foreground, centered on J2000 RA = 17 18 00., declination = +59 30 00. The VLA image of this field has a resolution of 5 arcseconds FWHM and an RMS noise of 23 microJy/beam at 1.4 GHz. The region of the sky covered can be seen here. For detailed general instructions look here or for more about a form entry click on its label.

For more information about the SIRTF FLS/VLA, see its home page.

Minimum peak flux density (mJy):

Single position to search

Object name [optional]:
Central Right Ascension:
Central declination:
(Note: be sure to include seconds in position.)
Search radius and verification halfwidth in arcseconds [Optional]:
(Note: there is a limit of 50 pages.)

List of positions to search

Enter a list of positions to search:
Each line should have, in order, RA (hh mm ss.s), Dec (dd mm ss.s), an optional search radius in arcseconds (default 15"), an optional verification halfwidth (no default), and an optional field label. For example:
17 21 18.606 60 18 11.55 15 720 My Star

The entire field can be obtained in a single image here or the entire source catalog as a FITS binary table and software here. (Reminder: shift-click will generally force your browser to save the requested image to a file rather than displaying it in a text window.) A postage stamp server is also available to obtain FITS images, jpeg or contour plots of smaller regions.

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