TUNA Lunch Talk:

Sugata Kaviraj

Dept. of Astronomy and Physics, Oxford

The star formation histories of early-type galaxies: insights from the rest-frame ultraviolet

April 22

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


I review our current understanding of the star formation histories of early-type galaxies, in the context of recent observational studies of their ultraviolet (UV) properties. Combination of UV and optical spectro-photometric data indicates that the bulk of the stellar mass in the early-type population forms at high redshift (z>2), possibly over short timescales (<1 Gyr). Nevertheless, early-types of all luminosities form stars over the lifetime of the Universe, with most luminous (-23-21) counterparts form 30-60% of their mass in the same redshift range. The large scatter in the (rest-frame) UV colours in the redshift range 0