FUNA Lunch Talk:

Kartik Sheth

Spitzer Science Center

Discovery of a Cold, Low Redshift Submillimeter Galaxy: CARMA Observations of AzTEC J095950.29+024416.1

September 12

12:10PM, Note unusual location: Auditorium


We have discovered a cold (Tdust=15 K), low redshift (z=0.76) submillimeter galaxy, AzTEC J095950.29+024416.1, using CARMA 1.3mm continuum observations together with multi-wavelength data from the COSMOS survey. The millimeter source is associated with a late-type spiral galaxy that is detected at optical and near-infrared wavelengths but is increasingly fainter in the mid-infrared Spitzer bands, and is below the detection threshold at 8um, 24um, 70um and 160um. It is also undetected in the deep VLA 20cm data. The discovery of a cold, low redshift SMG lends support to the hypothesis that a significant fraction of the submm background may come from low redshift galaxies, instead of the typical z~2-3 SMGs; however, larger studies are needed to quantify the overall contribution of such sources to the far infared background.