TUNA Lunch Talk:

Daniel Darg

Oxford University

The Properties of Merging Galaxies

October 7

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


The role that mergers play in galaxy evolution, such as the mass assembly and morphological mix of the universe, is a key question that features prominently in current research. Resolution of these issues requires acquisition of observational samples but, without visual examination of millions of galaxies, identifying large numbers of robust mergers and morphologies is a cumbersome task. The Galaxy Zoo project is a powerful new method that allows us to overcome this problem. I will show how large numbers of robust galaxy mergers can be found using this technique and discuss the results of our first catalogue of ~3300 galaxy mergers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Using this catalogue, I shall present the broad properties of merging galaxies in the local universe: morphologies, colours, the merger-fraction, environment, stellar masses, AGN signatures and star formation rates.