TUNA Lunch Talk:

Ming Sun


Radio AGN, X-ray cool cores and the flip side of galaxy formation

October 27

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


The importance of radio AGN outflows for baryonic structure formation has been widely appreciated. The imprint of radio AGN heating can be directly or indirectly observed from the properties of the surrounding ICM that in fact possesses far more baryons than those locked into stars. Thus, this ``flip side'' of galaxy formation provides an orthogonal set of constraints on models. In this talk, I will discuss some aspects of radio AGN heating in groups and clusters, including the connection of radio AGN with X-ray cool cores, whether Bondi accretion is efficient enough to power radio AGN, and different ways to quantify the AGN energetic. Some examples will also be discussed in detail, e.g., NGC 1265 and PKS 1610-60.