MUNA Lunch Talk:

Stuart Corder


Wide-field, high-resolution, spectral imaging of star-forming regions

January 11

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


Star-formation is an inherently multi-scale phenomenon with relevant size scales spanning tens of parsecs or more to tens of stellar radii or less. However, little work has been done in an attempt to link the mass involved in these scales together into a single dataset. In this talk I present interferometric mosaic observations of several Galactic star forming regions. The fields of view span about a parsec with the resolution presenting information on scales down to a few thousand AU or less. The aims of the study include disentangling the complex nature of some of these star-forming regions and addressing the feedback processes in these regions. I will present several results pertaining to the NGC 7538 star-forming complex and discuss developing work regarding this region and other, nearby, star-forming regions, namely Serpens and Perseus.