TUNA Lunch Talk:

Sabrina Stierwalt


A Multi-wavelength look at Dust Properties of LIRGs in the GOALS Sample

April 19

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


The Great Observatories All-Sky LIRG Survey (GOALS) is a complete sample of LIRGs spanning a wide range of spectral types, extinction measures, merger stages, and galaxy environments. I will present the results from spectral decompositions of the mid-infrared IRS spectra and take advantage of the large, multi-wavelength GOALS dataset by linking dust characteristics with galaxy properties derived from other bands (using GALEX, IRAC, MIPS, and the GBT). Physical processes thought to cause variations in MIR spectra are themselves interrelated, so a multiwavelength look at LIRG properties is key to understanding the dominating factors in LIRG formation and evolution.