TUNA Lunch Talk:

Chat Hull

University of California - Berkeley

Are protostellar outflows and magnetic fields aligned?

November 6

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


Theoretical models of protostellar outflows generally assume that the mean magnetic-field direction in a dense core is parallel to its rotation axis. Yet, in the limited number of sources where the field orientations have been measured via dust polarization observations, misalignments of the outflow and magnetic field axes are common. Here we present results for 17 low-mass, star-forming cores mapped as part of the TADPOL survey, a key project at CARMA that measures dust polarization and bipolar outflows at λ1.3 mm. The results accumulated thus far suggest that magnetic fields and bipolar outflows in low-mass cores are not tightly aligned, and may indeed be randomly oriented with respect to one another.

For more information about TADPOL, visit http://tadpol.astro.illinois.edu.