TUNA Lunch Talk:

Ken Kellerman


Update on the SKA

May 21

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


In early 2012, those countries involved in the SKA formed a new legal body, the “SKA Organization” to manage the pre-construction phase of the SKA which is centered in the SKA Project Office located at Jodrell Bank, UK. I will discuss the SKA science goals, the infamous site split decision; the SKA Phase 1 “baseline design of SKA1-low, SKA1-mid, and SKA1-survey; the formation of “Work Package Consortia” to implement the design of the parts of Phase 1; the project leadership; the state of the two precursors, MeerKAT and ASKAP; SKA-Phase 2; and the anticipated schedules, budgets, staffing, and funding models for Phase 1 of the SKA.