MUNA Lunch Talk:

Kevin Govender

IAU Office of Astronomy Development

The IAU Office of Astronomy Development

September 23

12:10PM, Room 230, NRAO, Edgemont Road


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) established a global Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) in Cape Town in 2011, in partnership with the South African government. The OAD is meant to implement the IAU's decadal strategic plan which aims to use astronomy to stimulate global development. This plans builds on the unique characteristic of astronomy to straddle fields of technology, science and culture. It focuses on three main target areas: (i) universities and research; (ii) children and schools; and (iii) public outreach. The OAD continues to establish regional offices and language expertise centres around the world, and coordinates an annual call for proposals for "astronomy-for-development" projects. This seminar will briefly describe the history of the OAD and focus on its activities. We invite the audience to come with ideas for a mini-brainstorming session that will follow a 30 minute presentation.