Information for UVa/NRAO lunch talk speakers

A series of informal, brown-bag, lunchtime seminars for the discussion of current projects and astronomical news

TUNA Lunch Talk Schedule


TUNA lunch talks are 30-45 minute talks in an informal, lunchtime setting in the NRAO Conference room at Edgemont Road. A sandwich lunch is provided for each speaker. Please contact the TUNA organizers at

tunalunch [at] nrao [period] edu

prior to the day of your talk to confirm time of arrival and discuss any technical requirements for your talk. Traditional overhead projectors, as well as a digital projector, are available, with facilities for connecting laptops or downloading a talk from the web.


Please don't put anything important, including axis labels, at the very bottom of your slides, especially if you will be speaking in Room 230 (the default). People even halfway back in the room would not be able to see that material over other people's lunchbags and/or your laptop.

Title and Abstract Formatting

Please email your titles and abstracts, in ASCII, to tunalunch [at] nrao [period] edu. LaTeXish super or subscripts are OK, and will be properly handled on the web pages. H2O gets converted to H2O. (The first person who sends a decent perl expression for handling general molecules, ions, and isotopes will be entitled to a cookie and/or Nobel prize in chemistry.)


Non-Tuesday TUNA talks (MUNA, WUNA, FUNA) are subject to room availability. Thursday is out because of the weekly joint UVa/NRAO pizza lunch and afternoon colloquium series, and Friday is discouraged due to possible ELF talks at NRAO NTC.

Those restrictions aside, we are happy to work with your schedule. The schedule of booked talks is on the main TUNA page.

Directions to NRAO

The main NRAO CV website contains directions in the left column under “Maps and Directions”. TUNA talks are at the NRAO Headquarters.


Have you requested your lunch yet? If not, please contact tunalunch [at] nrao [period] edu to express your lunch preference by 10:00 AM on the day of your talk.

The Menu

There are a selection of specialty sandwiches and “made to order” sandwiches available via Food of All Nations (click on “Deli Menu”).

Please do not order directly, but let us know what you prefer.

The free lunch (optionally) includes a beverage and/or a small bag of chips.