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Obtaining full size VLSSr FITS images

The form on this Web page allows specifying a celestial position for which the full 17x17 degree VLSSr FITS image is desired. This avoids having to determine which file is closest to the position.

The VLSSr radio survey uses the NRAO Very Large Array telescope to cover the sky north of a declination of -30 degrees at a frequency of 74 MHz (4 meters wavelength). It has a resolution of 75" and an RMS noise around 100 mJy. The VLSS survey is being conducted by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and The Naval Research Lab. Partial observations are now available. For detailed general instructions click here or for more about a form entry click on its label.

If you make use of VLSSr data in your work, please reference: Lane, W. M., Cotton, W. D., Helmboldt , J. and Kassim, N. E. 2012 "VLSS Redux: Software Improvements applied to the Very Large Array Low-frequency Sky Survey", Radio Science v. 47, RS0K04
Right Ascension:
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Equinox: B1900 B1950 J2000

Other VLSS Resources

The contents of the VLSS source catalog is described here. For very extensive searches or listing of large amounts of the catalog it may be best to obtain your own copy of the catalog and the browsing software (Unix only). The VLSS Catalog browser will search the catalog for specified regions and return a list of sources found. A postage stamp server which returns FITS or jpeg files of limited regions from VLSS images is also available.

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