3C219 = B0917+458

3C219 Montage

For discussion of the large-scale structure, see "Origin of the structures and polarization in the classical double 3C219" by David A. Clarke, Alan H. Bridle, Jack O. Burns, Richard A. Perley & Michael L. Norman, The Astronomical Journal, 385, 173-187 (1992)

For discussion of the structure in the jets, see "Fine Structure in the jets of 3C219", by Richard A. Perley, Alan H. Bridle, & David A. Clarke, in Sub-arcsecond radio Astronomy, eds. R.J.Davis & R.S.Booth, (Cambridge University Press), 258-260 (1994).

Also see "Collimation and polarization of the jets in 3C219", by Alan H. Bridle, Richard A. Perley, & Richard N. Henriksen, The Astronomical Journal, 92, 534-545 (1986).

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