3C272.1 = B1222+131 = M84 = NGC4374

M84 optical/radio superposition (click to download larger image)

For further details about the low-resolution radio imaging, see "Rotation measure variation across M84" by Robert A. Laing & Alan H. Bridle,  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 228, 557-571 (1987).

The high-resolution radio image is unpublished data of Robert A. Laing (ESO) and Alan H. Bridle (NRAO).

The R band image is from "Extended optical line-emitting gas in radio galaxies: Broad-band optical, narrow-band optical, and radio imaging of a representative sample" by Stefi A. Baum, Timothy Heckman, Alan Bridle, Wil van Breugel & George Miley, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 68, 643-714 (1988).

The HST WFPC image is from "The nuclear ionized gas in the radio galaxy M84 (NGC 4374)" by Gary A. Bower, Timothy M. Heckman, Andrew S. Wilson & Douglas O. Richstone, Astrophysical Journal, 483, L33-L36 (1997).

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