3C31 = B0104+321

3C31 radio/optical montage

Wide field radio data of Robert Laing, Alan Bridle, Paola Parma, Luigina Feretti, Gabriele Giovannini, Matteo Murgia, and Rick Perley, MNRAS, 386, 657-672 (2008).

HST/WFPC2 image from Martel et al., Astrophysical Journal Supplements, vol. 122, p. 81-108 (1999)

Superpositions made using AIPS task TVRGB by Alan Bridle

The high-resolution radio data were modeled as a decelerating relativistic jet by Laing, R.A. and Bridle, A.H. (2002), MNRAS, 336, 328-352 (2002).

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