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3C353 is a V=15.4 elliptical galaxy that is the dominant member of a Zwicky cluster at z = 0.03. It has a broad double-lobed radio structure with a well-defined hot spot in one lobe, making it clearly of Fanaroff-Riley Class   II.

For H0 = 100h km/s/Mpc, its projected linear size is ~120/h kpc, and its radio luminosity is 5h -2 × 1025 W/Hz at 1.4 GHz. It is thus slightly larger than, and has about one-hundredth the radio luminosity of, Cygnus A.

3C353 has hitherto received little attention (for such a strong source --- 57 Jy at 1.4 GHz) because of its equatorial declination ( = -0.9°) and low galactic latitude (b = 19.6°). We have remedied this by making well-sampled (multi-configuration) VLA images of 3C353 at 1.4, 1.7, 4.9 and 8.4 GHz.

Figure 1 shows a composite (A+B+C+D-configuration) total intensity image with 0.44" resolution at 8.4 GHz.

Figure 1:  3C353 at 8.4 GHz with 0.44" (FWHM) resolution