B0055+300 = NGC315 = UGC00597

NGC315 Radio/optical superposition

Radio data:
R.A.Laing, J.R.Canvin, W.D.Cotton and A.H.Bridle,
"Multifrequency Observations of the Jets in the Radio Galaxy NGC315",
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 368, 48-64 (2006).

A model of the rapidly flaring and recollimation region in the first few kiloparsecs of this jet, where it is decelerated by interacting with the visible galaxy, was published in:
J.R.Canvin, R.A.Laing, A.H.Bridle and W.D.Cotton,
"A Relativistic Model of the Radio Jets in NGC 315",
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 363, 1223-1240 (2005).

An account of the role of this giant radio galaxy in understanding radio jets was given at the NRAO's celebration of Barry Clark's 60th Birthday: "Radio Interferometry: The Saga and the Science", ed. D.G.Finley and W.M.Goss, NRAO Workshop #27 (1998).

In 1978, an early VLA image of this spectacular jet was one of several observations that helped to convince Barry Clark of the scientific need to CLEAN (iteratively deconvolve) VLA image data. He then wrote the efficient array-processor code that transformed VLA data processing in the early 1980's.

The optical/radio superposition shown above was made using AIPS task TVRGB.

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