Verbatim Quotes from the Meeting

collected by Alan Bridle, Jean Eilek and Paul Wiita

The people who work on this (jet launching mechanisms) don't seem to think they agree with one another, but seen from a distance they really do.

Every movement of the axis is traditionally called precession in radio astronomy.

Shocks can do everything, but we run into trouble if we allow shocks to do too much.

Speaker: It's not a physical model, it's a phenomenological model.
Questioner: But surely I can still ask questions about it?

I have had a private communication from Elvis.

Speaker: You can see how the VLBA has improved the images.
From the audience: Yes, now you're getting color, too!

This is the sort of diagram you can only put in a thesis.

This knot, which has been labelled by the experts as K2, is where a large bend occurs.

You don't get noticed by being subtle.

I'm not quite sure why I put this horrible dispersion relation in here.

The authors haven't agreed, even internally to each brain, whether this is an intrinsically one or two sided source.

It looks like something vaguely biological.

This is based on extrapolating some lab data from v/c = 0 to v/c = 1.

The pressure p is nkT. I don't think anyone will dispute that.

Speaker: They used an alcohol fog to visualize what's happening.
From the audience: That's always worked for me.

Speaker: They did strictly photographic studies of this highly supersonic jet.
From the audience: There was supposed to be another author, but they didn't survive.

I don't know how he did this, and he doesn't either.

That wasn't inferred, that was observed!

I don't want to claim anything yet because we haven't fully evolved yet.

Lobes are just a box of shocklets.

This was taken through clouds one night. It shows we were using our time efficiently. We were also scheduled at times when our proposal objects weren't up, so we did these instead.

Velocities around c aren't exactly loitering.

I'm not close to this object any more.

You can't avoid saying things that are wrong. Your best hope is to avoid saying something clearly known to be wrong by someone present.

3C31 extends through the ceiling and down below the floor.

Right. The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone. Right.

Once the rats are loose, you can't get them back into the sewer again.

This is what is technically known as a mess.

If you tried to understand this, you'd be very confused, in the standard way we talk about confusion.

Well, that was the connection with reality. Now, ....

If this isn't right, it should be.

Even theory has made progress.

It's interesting to see who's now saying the same things from different evidence, or different things from the same evidence.

273 and 48 also both add up to 12.

Chairman: Could you wind up please? Yourself, that is, not the magnetic field.

Chairman: I'm glad to see so many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people here at this time of the morning.
From the audience: Actually, most of us are rabid.

Chairman: We continue with an afternoon of numerical stimulations.