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A..1 MiKTeX

  • Go to Cvsnap1\SW\texutils\MiKTeX2 and click on setupwiz.exe to start the MiKTeX Setup Wizard.

  • Click on Next.

  • Tell MiKTeX to install into D:\texutils, not into its default of D:\Program Files\MiKTeX. This step is crucial if you will install LATEX2HTML later, as the LATEX2HTML installer does not handle the embedded space in the Program Files name properly).

  • When prompted, tell the Setup Wizard to install MiKTeX shared (on a multi-user system) to install all components (the default), to create a local TEXMF tree on D:\localtexmf, and not to incorporate existing trees (unless you are updating an earlier version of MiKTeX).

  • Click on Next to install the MikTeX components.

  • At the end of MiKTeX component installation, you should see the message All components have been copied to the installation directory and the location of an installation report log.

  • Tell MiKTeX to add its binary directory to the path, and click on Next.

  • Go to Start|Programs|MikTeX2|DVI Viewer and register YAP as your default .dvi viewer.

At this point, you should have a fully functional TEX, LATEX, pdftex, and pdflatex environment in which

  • Double clicking on any .dvi file in a MS Explorer window triggers the Yap previewer.

  • MiKTeX and all of its utilities have been installed into subfolders of D:\texutils.

  • Your path variable has had D:\texutils\miktex\bin; prepended to it, so that tex, latex, dvips, pdftex and pdflatex commands are available while working in any document folder.

  • A program group called MiKTeX2 has been created, with entries for Help, for DVI Viewer and for MikTeX Options.

I suggest that you test this installation by compiling and previewing a test .tex source before you install further packages in this suite.

If your path variable has been set correctly, you should be able to open a Command Prompt window and change directory to any folder that contains a mydoc.tex source file, then type tex mydoc, latex mydoc, pdflatex mydoc, etc. to produce .dvi or .pdf output from the .tex source. If your installation can not locate the TEX or LATEX executables in such a test, then your path variable has not been changed appropriately, and later steps in the installation of LATEX2HTML will fail. The path variable can be changed manually at

Settings|Control Panel|System|Environment

pdflatex is installed with the output compression level defaulted to 9, i.e., maximum possible compression. (This can be adjusted if necessary by editing D:\texutils\pdftex\config\pdftex.cfg or by inserting \pdfcompresslevel=N, with N set to 0 through 9, in the preamble to the document.)

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