Arielle Moullet


I am a planetary scientist working on (sub)millimeter observations of solar system objects, including moons, asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, terrestrial and giant planets. Such observations can provide unique informations on the chemical and physical properties of planetary surfaces and atmospheres.

Currently, I am an Assistant Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville (VA), where the North American ALMA Science Center is located.

You will find in this site more informations on the topics I have been investigating.

If you are looking for fresher details on my latest work, or if you would like to discuss how (sub)millimeter observations can be used for your own planetary research, please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail.




email: amoullet at nrao dot edu

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

520 Edgemont Road

22903 Charlottesville, VA, USA

Office 305

Phone: (+1) 434-244-6855

Fax: (+1) 434-296-0278

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