About Me

Education: Ph.D., 2015, Yale University (Connecticut, USA)
B.A., 2009, Middlebury College (Vermont, USA)

Research interests: Star formation, protostellar outflows, molecular cloud evolution;
ALMA support: User Support Services Group, ALMA Archive

Scholarly publications: Here


In a few words, I study how stars form. In a few more words, I study the dusty and gaseous environments known as star-forming regions, where many protostars are forming in close temporal and spatial proximity. My research depends on advanced interferometric observational techniques.

To learn more, please follow this link to my scholarly publications and conference contributed works.


Luego, vendrá una versión en español.


I participated as an author of the blog Astrobitos (Astrobites en espanol), as well as the original, english version Astrobites. You can check out my posts in Spanish (en español), and in English .

In my free time, I am learning how to build a radio telescope like this one that we will install at the Roan Jase Obseratory in the Cajón del Maipo near Santiago, Chile.

Whenever possible, I am happy to discuss astronomy with the public. You can see an example here (aquí), in a conversation with the Escuela de Astronautas in Chile. In Spanish, en español.

Personal blogs:

As a student visiting observatories around the world, I shared my experiences on my blog called The Observing(b)Log.

Interested to know more about life in Chile? I maintained a personal blog about my experiences living there in 2008, 2012-13, and 2015-2018.

Press: (an incomplete list, ordered by date)