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Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy

A. Richard Thompson, James M. Moran, and George W. Swenson, Jr.

First Edition (TMS1) published by John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1986.
Reprinted by Krieger, Malabar, Florida, 1991, 1994, 1998.
Russian-language translation by L. I. Matveenko, published by Mir, Moscow, 1989.

Second Edition (TMS2) published by John Wiley and Sons, New York, 2001.
Reprinted by Wiley (New York), 2002.
Transferred from Wiley (New York) to Wiley-VCH (Berlin), 2004. Wiley-VCH printings (2005 and 2006) have new cover design.
Russian-language translation by L. I. Matveenko, published by Mir, Moscow, 2003.


At each printing, corrections have been made for errors found up to that time. Lists of corrections for known significant errors (for the English-language editions) can be downloaded below, as PDF files. There is a separate list for each printing. The pages are formatted so that they can be trimmed to book-page size.

Note: To distinguish between the three Krieger printings, check the latest date of reprinting or reissue on the copyright page. To distinguish between the Wiley (New York) printings of the second edition, examine the series of numbers, 10 9 8 etc., on the bottom line of the copyright page. In the first printing (2001) the last number is 1, and in the second printing (2002) it is 2. To distinguish between different Wiley-VCH printings check the corrections. The 2004 printing has the same errors as the 2002, but in the 2006 printing all corrections known at that time were inserted.

Corrections to the First Edition (TMS1)
Wiley (1986) _ Krieger (1991) _ Krieger (1994) _ Krieger (1998)

Corrections to the Second Edition (TMS2)
Wiley (New York, 2001) _ Wiley (New York, 2002) and Wiley-VCH (2004) _ Wiley-VCH(2006)


Supplementary Notes

Notes and references on additional details in the subject area of the book. This is largely material that has appeared since the publication of the second edition. The intention is to add further material as relevant items appear. The material can be downloaded as a pdf file Supplementary Notes. Contents are listed below.

Trends since 2001 2
Source confusion (reference) 5
Response of an array in matrix format 5
Three dimensional imaging 7
Polarimetry (reference) 9
Low frequency antennas 9
Paraboloidal antennas (reference) 11
*The FFt (Fast Fourier Transform) telescope 11
Speed of surveying 13
Combination of single-sideband and double sideband receiving systems 15
Tolerances on the bandpass frequency response (reference) 16
Sinusoidal ripple in the bandpass response 17
Quantization noise and bandpass tolerances (reference) 19
Delay and phase errors, and fringe rotation, in single- and double-sideband interferometer systems 20
Timing accuracy in phase switching 26
*Linearity Correction for Quantized Data and the Effect of Oversampling on Quantization Efficiency 32
Quantization efficiency 28
Polyphase filters 39
Advances in VLBI 41
Fringe rotation in digital correlators as used in VLBI 41
Ghost images 44
Interferometer observations of the CMB fine structure and polarization 46
Size of the isoplanatic patch in the ionosphere as a function of frequency 55
Wide field imaging by W-projection (Non-coplanar baseline problem) 56
Refraction equations (13.6 and 13.73) 58
New model for millimeter/submillimeter atmospheric transmission (reference) 58
Near field and far field distances (reference) 59
Mitigation of radio frequency interference 59
Spatial filtering for attenuation of interfering signals 61

* Indicates recent addition
April 8, 2011