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Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 25 November at 4:00 pm EDT.

Date: 25 November 2003

Time: 4:00 pm EST (2:00 pm Socorro, 2:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor).  No Video planned...

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Science IPT Items - Wootten

ALMA Calendar

LAMA Memo Series  has  inhabitants!

ASAC Report is available. 

Correlator CDR:   Final Report (doesn't seem to be on ALMAEDM...)
 "The committee recommends that the Science IPT clarify the conditions under which the spectral dynamic range of 40 dB be required.  Since the ALMA correlator is a 2-bit correaltor, the dynamic range can only be achieved if the narrowband power into the receiver is less than a certain small fraction of the total receiver power.  The Science IPT must quantify what the maximum total narrowband power is into the receivers, as fraction of the total receiver noise power."    

   Some simulations may be needed to determine imaging artifacts possibly caused by phase and amplitude errors in overlap region of
                                     tunable filter option for correlator.

Project news/updates (Al )
           Groundbreaking (Al, Simon) Photos  Article
           Science IPT face-to-face meeting? 
           ALMA at upcoming meetings -- 2004 ALMA meetings
                   AAS Town Hall   Who will be at AAS and would like to help?
                   U. Md. meeting
           Operations.  Commissioning.  Verification.  Early Science.

Discussion Items - (Wootten)

 Calibration (Butler)       -  Calibration plan DAR and milestones.   (Bryan)
                Plan for further tests of amplitude calibration devices:  Gibson/Welch exploration of absolute calibration.
 Stability telecon,  13 Nov 2003.  Summary.  New developments on Gain stability.  Al's note.  Charles' note.  Phase stability.
Antenna  specs.  A summary of comments from Al, Mark
Data Format for ALMA.  Comments please.
ATF Frontends  used for an ALMA calibrator first look. (Holdaway)
Phase error simulation in fast switching; memo due 11/26 am.  (Holdaway)

Science IPT activities (Wootten )

Upcoming Meetings - Wootten

 October 13-14, 2003 : The Search for Other Worlds



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