MMA Imaging and Calibration Group

Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday,  28 October at 4:00 pm EDT.

Date: 28 October 2003

Time: 4:00 pm EDT (2:00 pm Socorro, 2:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor).  No Video planned...

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Science IPT Items - Wootten

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Action items from varioussources:
 Last Meeting:  SSB Requirements should be put into Science Requirements.
                       Comments due on ACA 
                       Distribute username and password for the DRSP website.
Mini-ALMA Week Action Items and Decisions: Science IPT: Complete comments on Antenna Technical specs and corresponding ICDs. All IPTs 15-10-03                                                      See Over-the-top recommendations.    Document to implement five load amplitude calibration device described in ALMA Memo #461 must be written SCIE, FEND 26-9-03      See proposed Amplitude Calibration Measurements and CRE.

                        Highlight remaining controversial issues in FE Req documents submitted to CCB. All IPTs 30-9-03  HAW commented.
                        Science Requirement document should be ready to be submitted to the CCB. Wootten 20-10-03  Last moment for comments!
                        All IPT leaders or designees to provide to Emerson description of system operational needs by 10 October 2003. Science IPT ReportSummary.
Correlator CDR:  "The committee recommends that the Science IPT clarify the conditions under which the spectral dynamic range of 40 dB be required.  Since the ALMA correlator is a 2-bit correaltor, the dynamic range can only be achieved if the narrowband power into the receiver is less than a certain small fraction of the total receiver power.  The Science IPT must quantify what the maximum total narrowband power is into the receivers, as fraction of the total receiver noise power."    

                        "The science specifications indicating what the maximum sensitivity loss of the correlator must be should be further clarified.  Nominally, with the European tunable filter card and a 2-bit correlator, the sensitivity loss in the correlator is 1-(0.88 x 0.985)=.133."   
                        Some simulations may be needed to determine imaging artifacts possibly caused by phase and amplitude errors in overlap region of
                                     tunable filter option for correlator.
AMAC: Simulate imaging using two prototype antennas as examples, if array were to consist of half of one type and half of the other.

News - (Wootten)

    ALMA has a logo, to be revealed 6 November at the site of the new OSF.

Discussion Items - (Wootten)

 Calibration (Butler)       -  Calibration plan DAR and milestones.   (Bryan)
                Contributions as on outline were due by 1 October in draft form. 
                Plan for further tests of amplitude calibration devices:  Jack Welch tells me that he and Gibson are working on the 3mm horn and expect first tests
                  ca. April 2004.
New FE Measurements   give much better results on Gain Stability.  Old memo
Antenna bidders meeting and rumors therefrom.  Board would like to have a simulation of imaging with an ALMA which contains two different antenna types,
       drawing on the designs we now have deployed at the ATF.
Data Format for ALMA.  Comments please.
ATF Frontends  used for an ALMA calibrator first look. (Holdaway)
Phase error simulation in fast switching.  (Holdaway)
Total Power detector (at the antenna) specifications. (Wootten)  This may have gain stability problems, and it may only be able to dump at 2msec timescales.
Correlator setup.  (Wootten)

Science IPT activities (Wootten )

Upcoming Meetings - Wootten

 October 13-14, 2003 : The Search for Other Worlds



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