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Phone Meeting 2005-February-18

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Old Business --

      Agenda of 7 January 2005 meeting.  

New Business -- Agenda

ALMA Calendar

1. Rotation of the ANASAC (van den Bout)

2.  ALMA Project News (van den Bout)

  NRAO  Newsletter ALMA Report.  See ALMA Science IPT wiki page.
  Communications  Newsletter
  PS job description...
ANASAC wiki created for collaborative discussions.  See below for more information.

2.  ASAC (Turner)  -- Agenda for meeting 2005 Feb 1

  Charges from the ALMA Board to be discussed  at face-to-face meeting 24-25 Feb 2005 in Garching
         Please see the Science IPT discussion here
  Pan-ALMA Meeting (Carilli)
  ESAC Meeting Agenda

3.  Discussion topics-- (Yun)

      ANASAC input to ASAC Charges

4.   Any Other Matters Arising      

          ANASAC Membership beginning March 2005:
 Andrew Blain (ASAC Member) (2007)
 Chris Carilli  (ASAC Member) (2006)
 Dick Crutcher (2006)
 Jason Glenn (2006)
 Xiaohui Fan (2007)
 Christine Wilson
(ASAC Member) (2007)
 Lee Mundy (ASAC Member) (2007)
 Jean Turner (ASAC Chair) (2007)
 Min Yun (ANASAC Chair) (2006)
 Doug Johnstone  (2007)
 Mark Gurwell (2006)
 Joan Najita (2006)

 Paul Ho (2008)
 Crystal Brogan (2008)
 Andrew Baker (2008)
 John Bally (2008)
 Mel Wright (2008)
 Jonathan Williams (2008)

          2005 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing March 19-23 2005, Philadelphia See

<>          Radio Astronomy Session; ALMA Article for ICASSP. Comments? Reviews welcomed.   

The SZ Effect and ALMA 7-8 April 2005, Orsay (Paris area), France
          IAU Symposium 227 Massive Star Birth: A Crossroads of Astrophysics May 16-20 2005, Acireale, Italy

         Workshop on submillimeter wavelength astronomy in Cambridge (JUN 13-16).