Eduardo Donoso writes:


The most difficult part of an antenna foundation construction is the installation of the steel inserts. Each antenna sits on the foundation supported at three precisely positioned semicylindrical structures. The tolerances are within tenths of millimeters. To locate these properly on the foundation, the Antenna IPT has designed an installation jig, which was used yesterday (27 July) for the first time.


I want to congratulate the Antenna IPT for the design, which worked smoothly and the required tolerance requirements were achieved. I also want to congratulate Martin Mundnich for his dedication and effort in the jig construction and direction during its installation.


 1) Photo 005 Bottom section of jig installed and bolted to concrete foundation


2) Photo 014 Top section of jig with inserts (yellow)


3) Photo 008 Both parts of the jig installed, calibration process. Shaded from the sun.


4) Photo 035 Insert hanging from jig, calibration still under way.


5) Photo 011 Grouting first stage. We poured a layer of grout up to bottom of insert, let it settle and rechecked tolerances. Readjustment was necessary. Then the rest of the grout was poured.


6) Photo 051 Grout finished


7) Photo 054 Coverage to keep temperature during curing process. Nights are cold at the OSF.