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Obit2DLegendre.h File Reference

Obit2DLegendre uv data class definition. More...

#include <math.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include "Obit.h"
#include "ObitErr.h"

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float Obit2DLegendre (gint n, gfloat x, gfloat y)
 Public: return Legendre polynomial term.

Detailed Description

Obit2DLegendre uv data class definition.

This utility class provides terms of 2D Legendre polynomials.

Function Documentation

float Obit2DLegendre gint  n,
gfloat  x,
gfloat  y

Public: return Legendre polynomial term.

Logical groups are:

  • 1; zeroth order
  • 3: first order
  • 6: second order
  • 10: third order
  • 15: fourth order
  • 21: fifth order
n Coefficient order in "X" dimension Values 0->5 are allowed.
x Location on "X" dimension
y Location on "Y" dimension
requested Legendre Polynomial P(n,m)

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