Imaging and Photography

I enjoy photography and imaging - both astronomical and otherwise!

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The Milky Way

Panorama of the Milky Way and the Palomar Hale 200" telescope on a really clear night. Was taking a 40 minute exposure with the telescope, grabbed my camera, and ran outside to take this 2 minute exposure. Both images turned out OK! Taken with a 12 mm lens. 100 degree field of view.


This image shows a wide field image with Comet 17P/Holmes in the field. The comet was particularly bright in late 2007.

Lunar Eclipses

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is situated between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sun's light as the moon enters the penumbra or umbra during a partial or total solar eclipse.

NASA maintains a listing of past and future lunar eclipses.

Venus Transit

Transits of Venus have/will occur in 1875, 1882, 2004, 2012, 2117, and 2125. The photo at left was taken (obviously...)in 2004 from Ithaca, NY.

Aurora Borealis

Charged particles colliding with the upper parts of the Earth's atmosphere result in the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere.