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Hamilton Workshop

NRAO Synthesis Imaging Workshop 2008


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CASA Talks And Tutorials at ALMA Workshop at McMaster University June 2-3 2009


  • Tuesday June 2:
  • Wenesday June 3
    • Hands on tutorials

    Download Instructions

    1. We are using CASA version 2.4 in a pre-release state for this tutorial, use the memory sticks you were given for the tutorial.
    2. The CASA linux tarball can be installed on most flavors of linux. RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and Suse almost always work. Only Intel Mac installation is supported.
    3. After June 18, go to If you have not previously registered, do so, and login. Then proceed to "CASA Beta Release tab" at top. Then click "download CASA" and fill out form. This will allow us to contact you later when there are updates etc. Then click "Accept".
    4. This will take you to the "Obtaining CASA during the Beta Test Period" page. From here select either "ObtainingCASALinux" and follow "non-root" from tarball installation instructions or "ObtainingCASAMacIntel" and grab dmg. Follow respective directions. Please do not attempt to install from source code or yum unless you are an expert.

    Get the scripts and data we will us for tutorials

    1. Copy the script and data for the BIMA NGC 4826 tutorial
    2. Copy the script and data for the VLA HI Demo/Usecase
    3. For the brave and patient: an SMA data reduction example sma_reduction
    4. To retrieve a script, right-click on its link and select 'Save link as'
    5. For data, you sometimes have the choice between downloading files individually or all combined in a gzipped tarfile (your choice). To retrieve data, left-click on its link which will open a window showing the directory containing the data. Then right-click on the data and use 'Save link as'. In case of a gzipped tar file, use gunzip to unzip and tar -xvf filename to retrieve the data files.
  • If you are interested, more scripts and data can be found at Scripts and Data.

    Getting started (Wait for tutorial)

    1. Start CASA by typing casapy-test
    2. To run a tutorial, use the execfile command, e.g. for the VLA continuum tutorial, type: execfile('') after the CASA prompt.
    3. Initially, participants may want to run the whole tutorial. After that, we recommend going through the tutorial in order, task by task, e.g. by cutting and pasting sections of the script into the CASA command interpreter, and by experimenting with a variety of parameter settings
    4. To exit CASA, type exit, quit, or control-D

  • Please send any comments or questions about CASA to

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    This code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License

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