Research Interests of C. Brogan

Research Interests

* Understanding the process of High Mass Star Formation

- How do massive protoclusters and protostars form in our Galaxy?

- Water Kilomasers in Super Star Clusters

- What role do magnetic fields play in the process of star formation

* SNR/Molecular Cloud Interactions

- Shock triggered star formation?

- OH (1720 MHz) maser observations toward SNRs

* VLA 74 and 330 MHz Surveys of the Inner Galaxy

- High surface brightness, high resolution search for the "missing" Galactic supernova remnants

VLA 330 MHz survey image with 45" resolution.

From left to right, 74, 330, and 10,000 MHz images of the Galactic center region. The deep 74 MHz absorption is caused by HII regions along the line of sight. The 10,000 MHz image is from Nobeyama (Handa et al. 1989).

- Free-Free absorption at 74 MHz

- Optically thick emission from HII Regions