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MGS 437 MHz signal (alternate NRAO site)

Between 1894 and 1901 many of today's now commonplace microwave components were invented and used. In Calcutta, J.C. Bose measured the performance of components and materials at wavelengths as short a 5 millimetres (60 GHz). This early pioneering work is little known outside of India. Unpublished photographs of some of his original equipment are included in this article.

"The Stage is Set" outlines some of the 19th century developments that culminated in the bridging of the Atlantic with wireless transmission by Marconi in 1901. Includes images of D.E. Hughes' transmitter, which was used to demonstrate radio transmission nearly a decade before Hertz successfully produced radio waves in 1888.

Images of the Moon and Sun at short (mm-wave) wavelengths. Alternate sites:

Images of the Moon at short radio wavelengths (CIS site)

Images of the Sun at short radio wavelengths (CIS site)

Pages of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)


Measurements made on various Speake fluxgate magnetometer sensors, and a comparison with data from the official USGS Tucson Magnetic Observatory.

  • Thermal measurements, and long-term drift of the FGM-3h magnetometer

  • Thermal dependence plots of Speake magnetometers
  • Probably only relevant if you're thinking of monitoring the Earth's magnetic field!

    A study of the degree to which linearly polarized VHF and UHF signals can become elliptically polarized in their passage through the ionosphere. This is relevant to propagation to and from orbiting satellites, and to EME operation.

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