Ed Fomalont
Ed Fomalont
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
520 Edgemont Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 296-0232 (office)
(610) 888-4759 (cell)

Hi. I'm an astronomer at the National Radio Astonomy Observatory (NRAO). Most of my research utilize long-baseline interferometers in order to obtain high-resolution images of galactic and extra-galactic sources, and to obtain precise positions of compact sources. I have been at NRAO since 1970 (and as a summer student in 1961), based in Green Bank, Socorro and Charlottesville. I am now working part-time in Chile to support the ALMA effort as it progresses into scientific observations.

The background shows the radio and optical emission from the giant galaxy NGC1316/Fornax-A.

A summary of my main interests over the decades are:

I have also worked with telescopes in earth-orbit, and spent 15 months working at the Institute for Space and Aeronautic Research (ISAS) in Sagamihara, Japan for the VSOP project between 1997 and 2002. I am also involved with the Russian Project Radioastron. Recently, I was part of a team at NRAO, JPL and NASA to use the VLBA to track spacecraft on their journey to Mars (Phoenix) and orbiting around the Saturn system (Cassini).